Dance- and Videoproduction / Solo 2002-2004

Choreography / Directing / Concept Helene Weinzierl
Dance / Choreography Giordana Pascucci
Lightdesign and Technic Albert Haderer
Music and Composition Kynos Kutis
Video / Photos Peter Huber
Videocut Petra Hinterberger
Dance notation Bernadette Hartmann
Length 15 Minuten
Premiere July 12th, 2002 Elisabethbühne Salzburg, assigned by Dance Archive of the University of Salzburg
Performed Performancetage tanzimpulse Salzburg, Kosmos Wien (tanzpool), St. Petersburg, IG Theaterbörse Salzburg republic, Feldkircher Tanztage 2003 Intern. Womenstheatrefestival in Tornio/Finnland, Intern. Festival for Contemp.Dance Las Palma/GC, Bratislava in Movement, ke-Theater Klagenfurt, Modern Dance Festival in Kaunas
Co - producer Tanzarchiv Derra de Moroda der Universität Salzburg
subsidised by BK Kunst, Salzburg Stadt und Land, AK Salzburg, BMaA

„archives” is a teamwork of Helene Weinzierl and Giordana Pascucci and formased as a cooperation with the dance archives Derra de Moroda of the University in Salzburg. The dance material of the Soloist Giordana Pascucci is documented “step by step” by dance notation shown with video projection.

The artist on stage creating snapshots, emotions; to evoke pictures, which should be or can be recorded by the audience. For this we have used archives material of the company that we had recorded before.

On the other hand we want to lead the audience to a further aspect of archives and recording which is important to us: to the necessary yet relative standstill, to the closing of a process, to the concretising of a fact.

The decision - consciously or by chance - to keep or use this information, was our decision. With this I wish to emphasize that in connection with the act of recording decisions and power play a decisive roll. In detail this means that the archive material we have used will eventually be recorded by the audience. This largely means that history will be recorded in this way.

text for the programme

Covered in dust the archive ties up bundles of long forgotten topicality, sorts out chronologically, according to contents or randomly, creating hereby the hierarchy of being able to forget and finally filters out what should be written to history. With the last movement, the last sigh, the last act, the final thoughts begins the fight for hierarchy in the chronology of forgetting. Jose Saramago