Artistic Direction, Choreography Helene Weinzierl

In collaboration with

Luan de Lima, Manuela Calleja und Hugo Le Brigand
Video Dancers Anna Maria Müller, Donald Beteille, Michel Briand
Videos Oliver Stotz, Petra Hinterberger, Markus Huber
dramaturgy Peter Huber
Music, composition Oliver Stotz
Light design Peter Thalhamer
Photography Bernhard Müller
Management Barbara Ruder
Acting/Coaching Marion Hackl
  eine Koproduktion mit der ARGEkultur


Aliens, androgynous creatures from the defunct planet Phaeton fled to Earth after they had blown up their planet in the air.
For an unkown reason they had large amounts of water pumped into the planet's core.
The different races came, settled down and went away again.

Our world is in order. It is a world in which there are irrefutable truths that we all know and can talk about. Isn’t it?
But perhaps one gets the notion that it could be quite different. Mainly the frightening feeling of living in a totally wrong movie, could be the truth. Maybe someday there may be a question, an experience, or just a bang which may expose and clarify that the world is a gigantic theatre play, a spectacular presentation. That we are only fed a comforting illusion pill that is all a scam.
This raises the question: do we all - maybe even since a very long time – live without noticing in a grandiose forgery?
Is the world, life, the consciousness of existing, the only one big bluff? (Manfred Lütz)

The new piece of Helene Weinzierl wants to - if at all - reveal its riddle, only ever so slowly: is it real what we perceive? Is it trustworthy? And even if we think that we found out what is true, will we ever know for sure.