Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierl founded cieLaroque/helene weinzierl in 1995, after being a dancer for more than ten years. With the company she toured various festivals around the world including the U.S., Japan, Southamerica, Singapore, Russia and all Europe, presenting her work in more den 200 cities. She is artistic director of per.form>d<ance Festival Salzburg and founded 1990 tanzimpulse Salzburg, which organizes every year under the direction of Peter Huber the international Easter- and Autumn- dance festival (

cieLaroque/helene Weinzierl is one of the most touring ensembles of Austrian dance scene and shows her productions since more than 10 years all over the world.Some of her productions feature a connection between dance and theatre; others are dedicated exclusively to a clear and intensive language of movement. In recent years, the work of the company has been characterized by interdisciplinary pieces and the implementation of video. Most of the productions focus on socio-politically relevant topics.

The first fulltime play “Feuerland”, adapted from texts by the French Grande-Dame Marguerite Duras, received an award in Germany. The productions “systems<damaging>systems” and “…. and the damage done”, as well as “duo para ella >>> comida para dos” and “0-0-0>5” were awarded several international prices. 2005 the production “TROPEA couch potatoes paradise” has been nominated for the Amnesty International Award for the Art in Edinburgh.

The Arena Jury Award of 2009 "ARENA... of the young Arts"-Festival in Erlangen went to Salzburg based choreographer Helene Weinzierl and her company cieLaroque. The five member expert jury described the performance "habibi problem", which tells the story of two homosexual teenagers from Iran, as "the most felicitous, roundest and most touching production of the festival."

2010 she received the award for art and culture of the city Salzburg and 2012 a public award at the 14th International Theatre festival Apostrof in Prague for esnes.n.on2. In 2012 her production democrazy was awarded with a premium of bka:kunst.

"For me as a dancer and choreographer the white space is the carte blanche for my work.
As soon as people start to fill the space with their presence, it starts to breathe. It is filled with images and motives and the connection with one person suddenly creates a connection with everything that makes us human. While trying to create abstract images that are related to the architectural design, the individual and this individual uniting with others becomes the focus. Therefore social and political issues are always interesting. I also think that it is the task of art to make grievance visible in this context, although I prefer to show the viewers my point of view. I prefer to leave it up to the audience to wonder about the reason why. If this happens I know that I have used the room and my language of movement in the ideal way."