New production 2016





Chameleon of Arabian Nights - a mis-danced three-act play

Take: one choreographer, three performers and an empty room.
The only premise: to break your own expectations, to find a new approach. An experiment.




You, as a spectator, take the time to watch our piece. Is this a lot of time for you or is it just fine? Do you seriously believe that you’d have time? Are you stressed by anything that concerns time because you just don’t have time? Are you chronically suffering from shortage of time? Are you suffering from “time scurvy”? Are you, maybe, in therapy, or are you about to be?
We have to admit that we can easily imagine this situation. One proposal: We sell 60 minutes of our time to you and you buy it. But be careful, it’s a commercial trade and we know what we’re doing. We don’t hesitate to rip you off. At the same time, we offer you an extra lifeline that might help you, if time gets short on stage.


(AUSTRIA/SLOVAKIA, 2010) 19min

Director: Peter Bebjak
Choreography: Yuri Korec
in Kooperation with cieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl

Cinematic in its vision, Voices tells a difficult story through the body, which is minutely choreographed in a confined
space. The director draws sensitive screen performances from the dancers, which lead the viewers into their internal world.



13.-27.11.2017 Mexiko, Tournee THINK FISH
24.-25.10. 2017 Salzburg, ARGEkultur, tanz_houseHerbst, new creation
30.09.2017 Klagenfurt, Theaterhalle 11, Festival Pelzverkehr, BLUFF
1. & 3. 09.2017 Lärz, Attention 2017, BLUFF
14.-31.08.2017 Costa Rica, Universidad, residency, workshops and performance of BLUFF
7.-12.08.2017 Mexico, Teatro de la Ciudad, Teatro de la Danza, BLUFF
22.07.2017 Chania Dance Festival, BLUFF
19.07. 2017 Syros Dance Festival,Chameleon of Arabian Nights
08.07.2017 Villach, Spectrum Festival, BLUFF
13.06.2017 Bleiburg, Kulturni dom, BLUFF
12.04.2017 Salzburg, ARGEkultur, performdance, BLUFF
12.04.2017 Bonn 18, Theater im Ballsaal, BLUFF
18.02.2017 Salzburg, ARGEkultur, Festival perform<d>ance, BLUFF